Why You Should Visit a Local Body Repair Shop Instead of a Chain

When making decisions about which body repair shop to patronize, you should put local body shops at the top of your list. “Going local” is the way to go for most types of services, and body repair shops are no exception. Here are some reasons why you should support your local small businesses instead of a chain.

You Get More Flexible Options

Local body shops typically offer more flexible and varied repair options than national shops. Chain body shops have strict guidelines to follow when it comes to what repairs they can do. In many cases, those options are limited. A local repair shop, on the other hand, has no such restrictions and can offer a wider range of repairs.

When you use a national auto body shop, you often have to wait for corporate approval before any “off the list” work can be done. National body shops must get permission before they do any extra work. This issue is completely eliminated when you work with a local business since they don’t have to follow the same requirements.

You Support the Local Economy

According to V12 Data, about 75% of auto repairs are done by an independent shop, and about 25% of repairs are done at the dealership. Many people choose to use a local provider because doing so supports and stimulates the local economy. If you like to champion small businesses in other areas of your life, then your choice of a repair shop should be no different. Getting work done by a national chain will often only benefit people in other locations instead of folks right in your own neighborhood.

You Invest in Your Community

The owners and workers of a local business have an actual attachment to the community in which their company resides. A national chain has no such connection. When you get car repairs from a local body repair shop, you’re supporting the livelihood of a neighbor and fellow community member. We live and work in Metairie, Louisiana just like you, and we have the same respect and appreciation for the area as any other resident. This allows us to provide compassionate service with a personalized touch.

If you’re ready to support your local body repair shop, give Clean Fleet Auto Body a call today. We’d love to do business with you!